Tulsa International Airport transitioned from PIKEPASS to their own independent parking program, Parking+, on January 15, 2017. PIKEPASS holders will not need to purchase an additional tag, as the new Parking+ program uses the same reader technology. However, current PIKEPASS users will need to opt-in to the new Parking+ program in order for users to have their payment automatically charged to the credit card on file. This change enables Tulsa International Airport to offer dedicated express-ticketless entry and exit from the Economy parking lot and newly renovated parking garage. We will also be able to provide customers with better access to parking activity, billing records, and less discrepancies through the Parking+ user dashboard. Any questions? Contact our dedicated Parking+ line at 918-838-5466 for assistance.

To access your Parking+ account, click here.


FAQs for Parking+

Enrollment Questions

  • How do I enroll? You can enroll by following this link.
  • What if I already enrolled to use my PIKEPASS at TUL? You will still need to enroll online and enter in your PIKEPASS information to enroll in Tulsa International Airport’s Parking+. Your PIKEPASS tag will still work since we are using the same reader technology, but you must opt-in to this new system in order to have the payment automatically charged to the credit card on file.
  • Is there a deadline to enroll? You can enroll at any time, but we transitioned from the OTA PIKEPASS to the Tulsa International Airport Parking+ program effective 11:59PM on January 14, 2017.
  • Does it cost anything to enroll? There is no cost to enroll, but you will need a PIKEPASS tag. You can apply for the PIKEPASS tag at any of the PIKEPASS stores in Oklahoma: https://pikepass.com/contact/StoreLocations.aspx#Stores
  • Do I need a credit card to enroll? Yes.

Program Questions

  • What are the benefits of using Parking+ when I park at TUL? One of the biggest advantages of signing up for Parking+ are the dedicated express -ticketless entry and exit, with exact transactions charged directly to your credit card account on file. You are also able to log-on to your account and view your transactions at an individual customer level. TUL looks forward to providing future customer benefits such as promotions and cross marketing with other outlets in the terminal. This will allow us to improve the level of service offered to our parking customers.
  • Why has the program changed? Tulsa International Airport strives to provide excellent customer service in every point at the airport, especially for our parking customers. By having our own Parking+ program, customers will have better access to parking activity, billing records, and less discrepancies.
  • What if I don’t have a PIKEPASS? If you don’t have a PIKEPASS, you will need to sign up at any of the PIKEPASS locations in Oklahoma. Locations and hours can be found here: https://pikepass.com/contact/StoreLocations.aspx#Stores. If you don’t have an OTA PIKEPASS, but would like to still enroll in Tulsa International Airport’s Parking+ without enrolling in PIKEPASS, please call 918-838-5466.
  • What if I already have a PIKEPASS? Does that work? If you have a PIKEPASS account established, you are one step closer to finalizing your new Parking+ account with TUL. You will still need to opt-in to the Parking+ program in order to have your credit card on file automatically charged when exiting the airport parking lots. To sign-up, contact 918-838-5466 or visit this link.
  • How do I get a parking receipt if I use the Parking+ exit lane? Receipts are always available on your individual account.
  • Why should I log on to my Parking+ account online? Your Parking+ online account provides exclusive access to your individualized profile. You are able to view past transactions, manage your account profile, update your payment information, and print receipts.
  • What credit cards does Parking+ accept? All major credit cards are accepted.
  • If I don’t sign up with Parking+, will my PIKEPASS still work? No, but we can get you started on the easy and fast sign-up.