Tulsa International Airport’s parking program, Parking+, allows users to use the exclusive ticketless entry and exit lanes. Upon exiting through the Parking+ lane, users are automatically charged their exact transaction amount to the credit card saved on file.


UPDATE: Parking+ System has been taken offline for 30 days to upgrade technology, which will offer a new and improved program.

Tulsa International Airport is in the process of transitioning to a new system that will improve the reliability and functionality for Parking+ users. Effective immediately, the Parking+ system will be taken offline for 30 days to begin the transition process.


For now, All Parking+ users will need to pull a ticket when they enter the Garage or Economy Lot, and they will pay when exiting through either a credit card lane or at a toll booth. The Parking+ exit lane will be closed during this transition.

There will be a new and improved version of Parking+ coming in Spring 2020, which will have additional benefits. If you have any questions about your current Parking+ account, then please call our staff at 918-838-5466.

To access your Parking+ account, click here.