Parking Rates and Information

Effective July 1, 2022, Tulsa International Airport parking rates are as follows:

  • Hourly Parking- ($1 / first 30 minutes – $2 / hour – $14 / day max) Located on top level of Garage.
  • Garage Covered Parking ($14 / day tax included) Skip the shuttle. The Garage is located directly across the street from the terminal building.
  • Economy Parking-($9 / day tax included) Uncovered lot with shuttle service to terminal.
  • Valet Parking- ($20 / day plus tax) – The closest, most convenient parking option available at Tulsa International Airport. Give the staff your arriving flight information, and they will have your car ready by the time you land back at TUL.  Valet parking drop off and pick up is located on the Departures Roadway, right outside the airlines’ ticket counters.

Click here for a printable version of our parking guide and map.

If you have questions about Tulsa International Airport’s onsite parking, please call (918) 838-5466.

Special Offers

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Join TUL Parking Perks, Tulsa International Airport’s Parking Rewards and Ticketless Entry Program!

Tulsa International Airport invites you to join the TUL Parking Perks program that makes on-site parking quick and easy.

TUL Parking Perks member benefits:
• Free membership
• Earn one point for every dollar spent in the Garage, Economy Lot, and Valet Parking.* (Valet parking tips excluded).
• Redeem points for free parking in the Garage, Economy Lot, and Valet Parking.
Sign up using either your Oklahoma PIKEPASS™ , or request a free TUL Parking Perks Automated Card to participate. If you choose to use your PIKEPASS™, the amount you spend on parking at TUL will not be deducted from your PIKEPASS™ account. Both PIKEPASS™ and TUL Parking Perks Automated Card users will be automatically charged for parking on the debit or credit card, kept on file, as they exit through the ticketless exit lane. Users can save multiple credit or debit cards on their account, and can login to their account to change which credit or debit card they want charged for their next parking transaction.
• Ticketless entry to the Garage and Economy Lot. Members can use the dedicated ticketless entry lanes with their TUL Parking Perks Automated Card or PIKEPASS™, which means they no longer have to pull a ticket upon entering to pay for parking. When using Valet Parking, your phone number will be used to track your parking activity.
• Dedicated ticketless exit lane. No more stopping to pay at the tollbooth upon exiting. Members simply exit through the dedicated lane using their TUL Parking Perks Automated Card or PIKEPASS™ to exit and pay.
• Online account management. TUL Parking Perks allows users to login to their secure online account to add/delete credit card information, print parking receipts, view account activity, and redeem points for free parking in the Garage, Economy Lot, and Valet Parking.

*90 points = 1 free day in Economy Lot ($9 value)

*140 points = 1 free day in Garage ($14 value)

*217 points = 1 free day in Valet Parking ($21.70 value)

For more information and to sign up for TUL Parking Perks, go to

Information regarding Parking+, TUL’s Previous Ticketless Parking Program

Tulsa International Airport’s previous parking program, Parking+, allowed users to use the exclusive ticketless entry and exit lanes via their Oklahoma PikePass.

UPDATE: In Spring 2020, the Parking+ system was taken offline so TUL could upgrade technology, and offer a new and improved program. The new program, TUL Parking Perks, offers the same ticketless, express entry and exits to the Garage and Economy Lots. Users can use their PikePass like they did in the previous program, or they can choose to have a free prox card mailed to them for ticketless access.  In addition to offering the same ticketless access and online account management features, TUL Parking Perks has a loyalty rewards program. TUL Parking Perks automatically collects reward points on users’ accounts when they park in the Garage and Economy Lot, and the reward points can be used to free parking in the Garage. More information above.

All Parking+ previous users will need to enroll in the new program by going to if they would like to continue to enjoy the ticketless express lanes and use their PikePass, or a proxcard to pay for parking.

If customers do not enroll in the new program, they will need to pull a ticket when they enter the Garage or Economy Lot, and they will pay when exiting through either a credit card lane or at a toll booth.

If you have any questions about your old Parking+ account, then please call our staff at 918-838-5466.

Parking Options for Persons with Disabilities

Passengers who count on being able to park as close as possible to the terminal and are permitted to park in reserved accessible parking spots have options at Tulsa International Airport. There are reserved accessible parking spots in our hourly and garage parking lots for a maximum of $14.00 per day. You may park in reserved accessible parking spots in our short-term parking area for the duration of your trip. Our economy lot at $9.00 per day is an affordable option. The airport has a shuttle with a wheelchair lift. Let any shuttle driver know you need a wheelchair lift or call our parking operator at (918) 838-5466 to make arrangements in advance.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Tulsa International Airport has two Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. They are located in the lower level of the airport parking garage. Call 918-838-5466 if you need assistance.

Auto Detailing

Auto detailing is typically available as an add-on service for Valet parking customers, but this add-on service has been temporarily suspended.

Here is information on TUL’s auto detailing services for when they will be offered again: When you drop-off your vehicle at Valet, you will receive a text message with a link for the specific packages you can purchase and it will be completed by the time you get back from your trip! For more information, contact (918) 838-5466 or ask the valet attendant when you drop off your vehicle.