The safety and security of Tulsa International Airport users is our highest priority. Airport Law Enforcement Officers work side by side with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to provide multiple layers of protection for our travelers.

All departing passengers will have to pass through the security checkpoint. For the most current security checkpoint and airport security information, please see the TSA’s Safety Information for Travelers.   A comprehensive list of items prohibited by the Transportation Security Administration can be found at  Some items may not be a security threat but are considered a hazardous material when transported by air such as lighter fluid or aerosol spray starch.  To find out if an item is considered a hazardous or dangerous good, go to

The Tulsa International Airport Police Department helps protect travelers and employees. They provide a full range of police services:  assisting travelers, helping enforce local, state, and federal laws and playing a key role in the airport’s capacity to respond to emergencies. Airport law enforcement officers perform a number of functions on a 24-hour basis, including:

  • Uniformed patrols on foot;
  • Motorized patrols by car;
  • K-9 patrols and explosives detection;
  • Vehicular traffic collision investigations;
  • Vehicular and pedestrian traffic control and management;
  • Security for U.S. and international dignitaries;
  • Cargo theft enforcement, abatement and investigation;
  • Lost and found services;
  • Customer service;
  • Airfield access control and perimeter security

For airport emergencies, contact airport operations and law enforcement at 918-838-5030.