Construction Updates

Parking Garage Expansion Project – Completed!

Tulsa International began a major construction project on July 6, 2015 to expand our parking garage. The project, funded through rental car fees, is expected to be completed in Fall of 2016. Once completed, it will feature a new 180,000-square-foot parking deck, including the reinforcement of the existing structure, nearly 500 new parking spots, four new vehicle ramps, three pedestrian towers with elevators and stairwells, three tensile fabric pedestrian crosswalk canopies, the remodel of two pedestrian tunnels, and new traffic signs throughout.

Parking and rental car customers will be most impacted throughout the project, and our goal is to minimize the disruption by providing information about the project as it progresses. Please continue to check this page for updates about road closures, progress photos, and more. We appreciate your patience and support throughout the construction process!

December 20, 2016 Construction Update –

All three levels of the parking garage are open for travelers. Short-term (hourly) parking is located on the third level, with elevator and stair access to the terminal. The canopies are currently being constructed and will provide cover for travelers in inclement weather.

The rental cars are currently located on the second level of the parking garage, in the covered canopy area. They will be moving to the second level, covered garage area in early January.

August 17, 2016 Construction Update –

Currently, the Contractor is installing the East elevator in front of Concourse A, and planned opening is late next week. This will provide travelers access to all three levels without needing to utilize the stairs or escalators inside the airport.

On the West side of the parking garage, in front of Concourse B, the third section of the upper deck will be placed on August 26th. Crossland Construction is currently constructing the center core including the installation of the elevator. The second level of the parking garage should be open in its entirety the third week of October.

Airport and Crossland staff are continually trying to anticipate wayfinding challenges and address them with temporary signs throughout the construction process. We welcome all feedback and suggestions to make this temporary transition a smooth one.

Short-Term Parking Video –

Click here to see the short 4-minute video we have created for those customers that would like to park and come inside and wait for their passengers. If you do not need to come inside the building, we suggest you take advantage of our free cell phone lot located just behind the Hilton Garden Inn. Questions? Contact us on Facebook, or on Twitter @TulsaAirports.

June 24, 2016 Construction Update –

Level 3 parking in front of Concourse A is now open! There are several different parking options for customers traveling to Tulsa: Level 1 (Garage Parking), Level 2 (Garage/Hourly Parking), and Level 3 (Top level, uncovered parking) in front of Concourse A. Customers can also park in our Economy Lot located next to the Garage. Please note there is still construction taking place in front of Concourse B, so we ask customers to follow the directional signs that are placed throughout the parking areas and roadways.

June 22, 2016 Construction Update –

The second level of our parking garage outside of Concourse A is now OPEN! The third level of the parking structure in front of Concourse A is expected to open later this week. Directional signs are placed throughout the parking areas and roadways for your assistance.

We are excited for our customers to see the progress, and we thank you for your patience!



June 3, 2016 Construction Update –

Parking Update: Starting tomorrow, Saturday, June 4th, a portion of the first and second levels of the Garage parking in front of Baggage Claim B will be closed for construction.

The GOOD NEWS is that the first level of Garage parking in front of Baggage Claim A will now be OPEN, with the second level opening soon after. Please pay close to attention to the directional signs that are placed throughout the parking areas and roadways.

Let us know if you have any questions, and thank you for your patience throughout this entire construction process! We are excited for our customers to see the progress and new space.

May 27, 2016 Progress Photos –






May 18, 2016 Progress Update –

The Phase C parking deck is now complete. The work remaining is the perimeter walls and light pole bases for Level III. The work on the elevator/stair building is continuing. The framing for the exterior glass is beginning to be installed. Work remaining includes sealing Level III deck, painting Level II ceiling, stripping all three levels, installing exterior glass, pedestrian tunnel finishes. The contractor may be expected to have work completed by the end of June in preparation for Phase D.

April 15, 2016 Progress Photos –

The construction of the parking garage addition is divided into four phases or steps. The contractor is nearing the completion of Step 3 – construction of east half. This includes improvement to the pedestrian tunnel and the addition of an elevator to allow access to the third level.







February 26, 2016 Update – 

  • The elevator core and stairwell on the Concourse A side of the parking lot are being constructed and installed.


  • The ramp from Level 2 (covered) parking to the new Level 3 public parking is being built. In the background, you can see concrete being poured. The exposed steel is for the entry to the ramp and stairwell.


  • The formwork for the concrete slab for level 3 is being constructed. The east side of the garage will be complete in five concrete pours.


January 29, 2016 Update – 

  • Garage/Covered Parking: Upper and lower level garage/covered parking in front of Baggage Claim A is currently closed due to construction. Parking in front of Baggage Claim B still open for travelers.
  • Hourly Parking: Hourly parking spaces in front of Baggage Claim A currently closed due to construction. Hourly parking spaces in front of Baggage Claim B still open for travelers.