Leasing Policy and Procedures

In order to remain in compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements for receiving Federal grant assistance the Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust (TAIT) adopted a Leasing Policy and Procedure. The purpose of the TAIT Leasing Policy and Procedure is to provide sound, consistent guidelines through which TAIT can respond to the interests of financially stable and responsible Lessees; administer Airport leaseholds in accordance with its grant assurances; insure TAIT’s ability to meet its obligation to provide a stable revenue source for the Airport; and provide guidelines for Airport-related business decisions.


Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust Leasing Policy and Procedures

Lease/License Application (New inquiries)

Tenant Request Form (Existing tenant inquiries)

2015 Pooled Insurance


The FAA encourages Airport Owners to develop and publish minimum standards for Commercial Aeronautical Services and Commercial Aeronautical Activities to assist in meeting the Airport Owner’s obligations to the FAA.

Tulsa International Airport Minimum Standards

R.L. Jones, Jr. Airport Minimum Standards


TAIT utilizes a standard form of sublease. Following are standard subleases for R.L. Jones, Jr. Airport.

Commercial Sublease Agreement- RVS

Private Hangar Sublease Agreement – RVS


Unless otherwise specified by contract or agreement, fees charged by TAIT are published as follows.

Schedule of Rates, Fees and Charges – FY 17-18