Tulsa International Airport Launches Parking+ Program

February 2, 2017 – Tulsa International Airport has launched Parking+, an independent parking program that allows travelers an express ticketless entry and exit when they park at the airport’s parking facilities. This new program replaced the option to use PIKEPASS at the airport.

Enrollment in Parking+ is free, and participants are able to sign-up online. Current PIKEPASS holders will not need to purchase an additional tag, but they will need to opt-in to the new program in order to have their payment automatically charged to the credit card on file.

Travelers who enroll in Parking+ will be able to use the dedicated express lanes that provide customers with a faster entry and exit. Parking+ users are also able to access their account online to view parking activity and billing records.

“This change allows the airport to improve the level of service offered to our parking customers,” said Alexis Higgins, interim airports director at Tulsa International Airport. “There have already been drastic improvements from the previous system, and we look forward to offering additional future benefits for customers soon.”

There are currently approximately 1,800 users that have completed the entire enrollment process since the transition from PIKEPASS to Parking+ on January 15, 2017. If customers have any questions on enrolling or setting up their account, they can call the dedicated Parking+ phone line at 918-779-0214, or visit www.tulsaairports.com/parkingplus.